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Fairy Flint

Woodpecker Mug

Woodpecker Mug

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A super shiny mug featuring my design of three juvenile Greater Spotted Woodpeckers

with Fairy Flint's signature and motto, 'Art Enchanted by Nature'.

I think my motto perfectly sums up the way I work. I spend a lot of time in my studio, and much of the rest out walking where I observe nature, birds, insects, flora and fauna. I find nature so good for the soul and so helpful to keep mental health.

Woodpeckers are so special to see and I love catching sight of them and watching their antics. I find that takes a different style painting for ceramics and textiles. It's enjoyable to finally see my work on something other than paper :)

The mug is 10 fluid ounces

Microwave proof

Hand wash to keep the Eco inks at their best :)

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