A retrospective look at some of my old work. 
Watercolour painting of an ancient monastery, stone with red brick chimneys and a slate roof
    A watercolour of an ancient Monastery in Sussex.
Pen & ink and watercolour.
Commissioned by the owners.
Detail from the Monastery painting
Illustrated Life Map of a gentleman who became a barrister.
He was also an expert in oil pollution.
His family were racehorse trainers from Newmarket.
He was involved with the setting up of the Prince's Trust.
Pen & ink and watercolours.
Commissioned as a surprise 80th birthday present.
mural of children swimming under water
Mural commissioned for a swimming pool room
featuring children swimming under water.
Working on the swimming pool mural panels.
Children on a green bench.
A commission by the father to his wife.
When I met the children,
it was winter and snow lay on the ground,
they happily ran up to their rooms
and brought me their favourite Summer clothes. 
Commission for an engagement present,
with the date and time of the wedding on the post box. 
Life map which was a fun one to do.
I learnt a lot about red Ferarris!
A few of my military commissions.
These were retirement presents.
Blues and Royals Musician.
Detail of the Blues and Royals map.
Another retirement present, this time a Royal Marine Commando.