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Fairy Flint

Swan and Cygnets ~ Signed Print

Swan and Cygnets ~ Signed Print

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Swan and Cygnets by Fairy Flint

A signed print of a painting of a swan with three cygnets on its back and 3 more cygnets swimming alongside.

"From his teenage years, my late father had a number of different boats and I was fortunate enough to have spent many happy times on various rivers and canals watching the beauty around us and painting it at any opportunity. My favourite time of year to have a little water born trip was Spring, or as I would call out excitedly, when my father asked if I wanted to go out on the boat, "Babies!" Fortunately, I have never quite grown up! I have never got over seeing the any of the little fuzzy ones swimming round in circles around their parents, be it babies of swans, ducks, moorhens, coots, whatever, I LOVE seeing them! These 6 cygnets were clambering up onto their mother as we chugged past and I was lucky enough to take a number of super photos. I turned one of them into this little picture"

Print size approximately 152 x 220mm with border around.

Artwork copyright: © Fairy Flint 2024 All Rights Reserved
Please hang artwork away from direct sunlight.

Printed on acid free paper.

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