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Fairy Flint

Reed Bunting Cushion

Reed Bunting Cushion

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A female Reed Bunting adorns this large natural canvas cushion. The natural canvas really makes this look like a painting on canvas.

The Reed Bunting Cushion cover comes complete with comfy cushion. Art you can snuggle up with!

I was delighted to have spotted this shy female Reed Bunting on my walk over heathland. Hiding amongst the leaves she watched me for some time, neither of us moved for quite a while. Her male counterpart has a more distinctive look. I find her gentle markings over her eye rather beautiful.

Printed with eco and vegan friendly inks, please follow washing detail to preserve the beauty of the Eco inks ♡

*** Sponge wash only *** 

Allow to air dry, do not use any heat.

45cm x 45cm

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