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Atelier Foolery

'Parasol & Lantern Parade' Mug by Atelier Foolery

'Parasol & Lantern Parade' Mug by Atelier Foolery

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Atelier Foolery* brings you the joy and fun of the Parasol & Lantern Parade on a super shiny mug.

Helpful Hound and the Nice Mice are marching with lanterns lit. Where are they off to? would you like to find out? ♡

Care ~

Handwash recommended to keep the Eco inks in best condition ♡

Microwave safe

10 fl oz

Atelier Foolery is the slightly bonkers brainchild of Fairy Flint, she either sees the world through nature-loving rose-tinted spectacles or through slightly-dotty jester-tom-foolery ones! Enjoy the madcap journey, as she says, "Follow the Foolery, I don't know where I'm going" ♡

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