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Fairy Flint

Firecrest Mug

Firecrest Mug

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Gorgeous super shiny mug featuring Fairy Flint's painting of three tiny Firecrests.

I'm not sure if I can convey the total excitement when I realised that the tiny birds in the trees above me were in fact Firecrests! Fortunately, I had my 'big' camera with me but even so, it took some determination, patience and speed on moving about to capture anything bar a fuzzy photo or three. If I thought that Goldcrests were speedy in their way of "landing everywhere but staying nowhere" then Firecrests are their supersonic cousins with an extraordinary flash of red on the top of their tiny heads!

I hope you will enjoy my artwork of these adorable tiny darters as you sip your tea :)

Signed prints are also available ♡

Handwash to keep the Eco inks looking their best

10 fluid ounce mug.

Microwave safe.

Posted out safely in a secure mug box.

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