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Fairy Flint

Wrens - Small Signed Art Print

Wrens - Small Signed Art Print

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A beautiful print three adorable Wrens, signed by Fairy Flint.

"I adore the tenacity and loud song of the tiny Wren. Heard above other birds, with a variety of tunes, quite extraordinary that such a tiny feathery musician can compete so readily with other larger birds!

I think my motto 'Art Enchanted by Nature' perfectly sums up the way I work. I spend a lot of time in my studio, and much of the rest out walking where I observe nature, birds, insects, flora and fauna. I find nature so good for the soul and so helpful to keep mental health at its best."

Adorable Wren Mug also available

Artwork copyright: © Fairy Flint 2024 All Rights Reserved
Please hang artwork away from direct sunlight.

Print measures 80mm x 180mm with a large border around.

Printed on acid free paper.

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