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Fairy Flint

Green Woodpecker Baby on Handmade Paper ~ Original

Green Woodpecker Baby on Handmade Paper ~ Original

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Original painting of a Green Woodpecker Baby looking out for its parent by Fairy Flint

Watercolours on handmade paper.

"Seeing this baby peeking out from its nest was so exciting but did not happen without a bit of discomfort! My lovely neighbour and friend had told me where it was nesting and I trotted off to see what I could see as it was very near to a footpath so I gathered it wouldn't be too bothered by a human as people regularly walked, cycled, ran and rode horses past its tree. I hid in a bush next to a tree on the footpath where I could get a good view as silently as possible and waited and waited..(slightly hoping that no one would walk past and wonder quite what I was hiding from) I was eventually rewarded and totally entranced by seeing it peek out. It was utter joy! However, when I went to stand up I realised I'd been in one position for too long and it took me some time before I could actually shake off the cramp and walk away."

Painting measures 420mm x 300mm with a gentle border and natural torn edge.

Artwork copyright: © Fairy Flint 2024 All Rights Reserved
Please hang artwork away from direct sunlight.

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